William Shakespear is a minor character who appeared in Time Travel, Smime Travel.

History Edit

William was born in the Kalos Region in April 1564. As an child, he adored Pokemon and often wrote stories about them. When he turned 10, he started his Pokemon journey with a Pikachu as his starter. Gabe and her friends met him as an a 10-year-old with his Pikachu, Toby. Team Rocket was also there and attempted to steal Tobio, Pik, Erika's Pikachu, and Katrese's Pikachu to take with them back to Team Rocket headquarters to Giovanni, but Gabe, Will, Cilan, Katrese, Erika, and Crystal prevented them from doing so and blasted them off back to the future. When Gabe and her friends were about to go back to their own time, William told Gabe that when he grew up, he and Tobio were going to write some stories about Pokemon and turn them into plays people would love. Then they bid farewell. After that, Will was never seen again.

Pokemon Edit

This is a list of the Pokemon that are traveling with Will. Note: They are all male.


Tobio is William's starter Pokemon that he received when he turned 10. He is a male Pikachu that has traveled with Will ever since he started his journey.

Pido♂ Edit

Pido is the first Pokemon caught by Will. He is a male Pidgey.

Fletcho♂ Edit

Fletcho is the second Pokemon caught by Will. He is a male Fletchling.

Ziggo♂ Edit

Ziggo is the third Pokemon caught by Will. He is a male Zigzaggoon.

Eveeo♂ Edit

Eveeo is the fourth Pokemon caught by Will. He is a male Eevee.

Pachio♂ Edit

Pachio is the fifth Pokemon caught by Will. He is a male Pachirisu.