Valerie is an 11-year-old girl and the gym leader of Laverre City. She is criticized for being too young to be a gym leader. She has an older sister named Lavender. She and Lavender are the daughters of unnamed parents.

History Edit

Gabe met Valerie and challenged her to a battle. Gabe helped Valerie save her Pokemon from Team Rocket. Then she battled against Valerie and won. Valerie then decides to set off on her own journey along with her Pokemon.

Pokemon Edit

On Hand Edit

Dedenne♀ Edit

Dedenne is Valerie's first known Pokemon.

Azumarill♀ Edit

Azumarill is Valerie's second known Pokemon.

Sylveon♀ Edit

Sylveon is Valerie's third known Pokemon.

Mawile♀ Edit

Mawile is Valerie's fourth known Pokemon.

Slurpuff♀ Edit

Slurpuff is Valerie's fifth known Pokemon.

Snubbull♀ Edit

Snubbull is Valerie's sixth known Pokemon.