Skit is a Pokemon caught by Gabe in Hoenn. She first debuted in I Caught A Skitty! She is now a Delcatty due to a mistake made by Gabe.

History Edit


As an Skitty

Gabe fell in love with Skitty who was first being seen playing with her tail. Gabe caught Skitty and named her Skit. But Jessie also wanted Skit. A net came down and trapped Skit and Team Rocket revealed themselves. Jessie told Gabe what she was planning to do with Skit not mentioning taking her to Giovanni like they promised that they would capture each of Gabe's Pokemon for Giovanni to force them to be evil. But Gabe rescued her Skitty and sent Team Rocket blasting off. In Mudkip Runs Away, Gabe is seen spoiling Skit which makes Mud run away. But Gabe finds him and rescues him from Team Rocket. Later, Gabe sent Skit to Professor Oak's Lab. As of Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventures, Skit was called back to Gabe's team along with Roxie. During an battle, Gabe accidentally used a Moon Stone on Skit and she evolved into Delcatty.

Personality Edit

Skit like the rest of Gabe's Pokemon is loyal to her trainer and cares for her deeply. Skit will possibly have a litter of babies with Daniel, Ray's Delcatty. She also has a crush on Daniel.