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Mimi is a minor character in Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventures. She returned as a major character in Gabe's Alola Pokemon Adventures. She is a 11-year-old Pokemon trainer. She is a traveling companion of Gabe. Her specialty is Electric-Type Rodent Pokemon. Her mother's name was revealed to be Nancy. Her childhood best friend is named: Phoebe. who is the daughter of Professor Kuikui and Professor Burnet. Mimi owns a Blue PokeDex. In the upcoming crossover series with Digimon, Mimi owns a Blue/ Violet Blue D-7 Digivice and is partnered with Gatomon.

Pokemon Edit

This is a list of the Pokemon that are traveling with Mimi

On Hand Edit


Hanna is a female Pikachu owned by Mimi. She is Mimi's main Pokemon.

Samantha & MinaEdit

Samantha & Mina are a pair of female Plusle & Minun owned by Mimi.


Sparky is a male Pichu owned by Mimi.


Delilah is a female Dedenne owned by Mimi.


Rainy is a male Raichu owned by Mimi.

Penny Edit

Penny is a female Pachirisu owned by Mimi.

In Box Edit


Emmy is a female Emolga owned by Mimi. She has a crush on Rainy.


Toby is a male Togedemaru owned by Mimi.