Mating is when a male Pokemon and a female Pokemon get together into a relationship and have offspring often with the female getting pregnant.

Pokemon that are mating Edit

Crystal's Vaporeon & Eve Edit

Eevee-Vaporeon♂ Edit

Vaporeon is Crystal's second Pokemon. She caught him as an Eevee. He is mating with Eve, Gabe's Espeon.


Eve is Gabrielle's female Espeon. Gabe caught her as an Eevee. She is mating with Crystal's Vaporeon.

Daniel & Skit Edit


Daniel is Ray's male Delcatty he caught after he ran away from Pikachu and Gabrielle. Due to being abused, Daniel is a mean Delcatty and often pressures Tree to train better. During the Hoenn League, Ray and Daniel battled Gabrielle and Mud and lost the League making Ray and Daniel mad. Daniel reappeared with Ray after he reformed and apologized to his Pokemon for the way he was treating them. Tree and Ray treated Daniel when he was sick. Daniel was used in Ray's battle against Gabrielle. Then Team Rocket appeared and attempted to steal Daniel and Pik. But Ray and Gabrielle rescued their Pokemon and sent Team Rocket blasting off. He is currently mating with Skit.


Skit is a female Delcatty owned by Gabrielle. Gabrielle evolved her in Delcatty?! by accident. She is mating with Daniel, Ray's Delcatty.