Marina is a past Pokemon showcase performer. She is the daughter of a past Kalos Queen named Nadia. She is a single mother of Hannah.

History Edit

Marina was born on March 3, 1987 to Nadia, a single mother. She was an only child in her family. She was a Pokemon trainer at the age of 10. Marina spotted a Pokemon showcase preview, she decided to move to Kalos to become a Pokemon showcase performer. After losing to Faith, Anna's mother. She moved to Pallet Town in the Kanto Region when she was pregnant and gave birth to Hannah.

Children Edit

Hannah Edit

Hannah is the 12-year-old daughter and only child of Marina and the only granddaughter of Nadia.

Family Edit

Nadia Edit

Nadia is Marina's mother and the grandmother of Hannah. She is an single wife and mother like her daughter.

Pokemon Edit

On Hand Edit

Cyndaquil-Quilava♀ Edit

Quilava is Marina's starter Pokemon she had received when she was 10.

Latios♂ Edit

Latios is a Pokemon given to Marina from her mother.

Nidoran♂ Edit

Nidoran is a Pokemon given to Marina from her mother.

Wrumple-Silcoon-Beautifly♀ Edit

Beautifly is the first Pokemon caught by Marina.

Chikorita♀ Edit

Chikorita is the second Pokemon caught by Marina.

Totodile♀ Edit

Totodile is the third Pokemon caught by Marina.

Given Away Edit

Latias♀ Edit

After catching Latias, Marina gave her to her daughter.