Katrese's Pikachu is the fifth Pokemon obtained by Katrese. She is a female Pikachu.

History Edit

Katrese discovered Pikachu dancing in the forest showing her dancing moves. This made Katrese want to catch the Pikachu. But she was captured by Team Rocket as Jessie wanted to use the Pikachu for her own purposes. But Katrese earned Pikachu's trust by rescuing her from Team Rocket and Pikachu agreed to travel with Katrese. One day as the gang and their Pokemon were eating, Team Rocket captured Erika's Pichu, Katrese's Pikachu, and Pik [Gabe's Pikachu] and told the gang they were taking the Pikachu to the boss. This enraged their trainers and they worked together to rescue their Pokemon and sent Team Rocket blasting off. Another time, Team Rocket captured the gang's electric-type Pokemon and were planning on taking them to the boss as a present, but the Pokemon were rescued by their trainers.

Personality Edit

Pikachu is a very caring and fun-loving Pokemon. She loves to poke fun at her trainer and enjoys being pampered by Katrese. Pikachu also loves apples and loves listening to music often trying to steal her trainer's headphones to listen to music.

Trivia Edit

  • Since Erika's Pichu evolved, two members of Gabe's traveling crew own two female Pikachu while Gabe owns a male Pikachu. That makes three Pikachu in the party.