Kathy is the mother of Greg and Gabrielle in Gabe's Pokemon Adventures.

History Edit

Since Greg and Gabrielle's father left when they were younger, Kathy raised her children all by herself. She sent both her children to Pokemon Academy to learn all about Pokemon. Kathy often hung out during picnics with the mothers of Gabrielle's childhood friends: Crystal, Erika, Katrese, and Annie. After Greg left on his own Pokemon journey, Kathy raised her daughter until she turned 10. Kathy often calls on Gabrielle during her journey to give her support and advice and see how she is doing. She has even saved Gabrielle from Team Rocket a couple times. She often also visits Gabrielle.

Children Edit

With her unnamed husband, Kathy gave birth to Greg first and Gabrielle last.

Gregory Edit

Greg is the only son and oldest child of Kathy. He is 16-years-old.

Gabrielle Edit

Gabe is the only daughter and youngest child of Kathy. She is 11-years-old.