Judy is the mother of Kayla, Anna, Tim, Jerry, Mike, and Crystal.

History Edit

Judy was born on May 4th, 1981 to unnamed parents. In 1996, she married an unnamed husband and had six children. Due to her husband leaving, she raised her kids by herself. When her kids left to be Pokemon trainers, she took care of Crystal until Crystal herself turned 10. She often calls in to check into seeing how her youngest daughter is doing.

Children Edit

With her unnamed husband, Judy gave birth to six children: three girls and three boys.

Kayla Edit

Kayla is the eldest daughter and oldest child of Judy. She is 16-years-old.

Anna Edit

Anna is the middle child of Judy. She is 15-years-old.

Tim Edit

Tim is the eldest son and third child of Judy. He is 14-years-old.

Jerry Edit

Jerry is the middle son and fourth child of Judy. He is 13-years-old.

Mike Edit

Mike is the youngest son and fifth child of Judy. He is 12-years-old.

Crystal Edit

Crystal is the youngest daughter and youngest child of Judy. She is 10-years-old.