Jeff is a minor character. He is an antagonist. He was the original trainer of Eve.

History Edit

Ever since he had got Eve as an Eevee, he abused her and pushed her to fight trainers. One day, Eve lost a battle against LT Surge. Instead of taking her to the Pokemon Center, Jeff beat Eve and threw her to the ground and when she tried to follow him, he shoved her away from him telling her to stay. He appeared again in Eve's First Trainer where he criticized Gabe for evolving Eve into an Espeon. Eve recognized her old trainer and tried to run to him. But he shoved her to the ground. Gabe yelled at him asking what his problem was. Jeff simply sniffed and said that he didn't need a weak Pokemon like Eve. To prove that he was wrong, Gabe challenged him to a battle with her and Eve. Eve was almost brutally beaten, but then she learned a new move: Psyshock which knocked out Jeff's Raticate. Jeff then asked Eve to rejoin him, but Eve refused and growled at him scaring him off.

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On Hand Edit

Raticate Edit

Raticate is a Normal-Type Pokemon owned by Jeff. Its gender is unconfirmed.

Abandoned Edit


Eve was abandoned by Jeff as an Eevee after he abused her.