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Hannah is a minor character in Gabe's Pokemon Adventures. She is a 12-year-old Pokemon showcase performer. She is one of Erika's childhood friends she had before she met Gabrielle. She trains Pokemon with the gender ratio of: 100% Female. She is the daughter of a past Pokemon showcase performer: Marina. She first appears in The Doctor's Visit. Hannah owns a Hot Pink PokeDex. In the crossover with Digimon, Hannah owns a Hot Pink/Red D-7 Digivice and is partnered with Hawkmon.

History Edit


Young Hannah and her stuffed Teddiursa

When Erika and Hannah were little, Hannah's favorite Pokemon was Teddiursa. Her mother even bought her a Teddiursa stuffed bear and she called it Teddy. She and Erika often played with Teddy. When she turned 12, she stopped liking Teddiursa and her new favorite Pokemon was Latias. Hannah made her debut in The Doctor's Visit where she was revealed to be Erika's first childhood friend when they were little. She and her Pokemon were captured by Team Rocket where Team Rocket was planning on taking Hannah and her Pokemon to the boss for money and a promotion. But Hannah was rescued by her mother who told the villains to leave her daughter and her Pokemon alone. She demanded Jessie to give her daughter back, but Jessie said no, so she and Marina fought to see who would keep Hannah. The Doctor told them to stop and told Jessie that kidnapping someone else's child was a crime and they would be put in prison for it. Jessie sent Arbok to harm Clara, the Doctor's companion. This enraged The Doctor who helped rescue Hannah and her Pokemon and sent Team Rocket blasting off.

Pokemon Edit

On Hand Edit


Latias is Hannah's first Pokemon given to her by her mother.

Miltank♀ Edit

Miltank is the first Pokemon caught by Hannah.

Nidoran♀ Edit

Nidoran is the second Pokemon caught by Hannah.

Flabebe♀ Edit

Flabebe is the third Pokemon caught by Hannah.

Smoochum♀ Edit

Smoochum is the fourth Pokemon caught by Hannah.

Personality Edit

Hannah is a kind, friendly, sweet, and caring girl. She is the same age as Misty. She is an only child in her family only having a mother and no siblings.