Greg's Pignite is Greg's starter Pokemon.

History Edit


As an Tepig

Greg received Pignite as a Tepig from Professor Juniper when he started his journey. Pignite made his debut as a Tepig in Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventures season 2 episode: Greg Visits where Gabrielle's older brother, Greg pays a visit to his sister in the Kalos region. Greg introduces all of his Pokemon to Gabrielle mentioning that they are all boys to which Tepig is confirmed male. Greg challenges Gabrielle to a battle, but Gabrielle manages to beat her brother. Team Rocket watched from a distance planning on stealing Greg's Pokemon for the boss. As Greg, Gabrielle, Crystal, Erika, Katrese, & Cilan are eating lunch with their Pokemon, a net falls on Greg's Pokemon trapping them. Gabrielle demands to know what's going on and Team Rocket revealed themselves telling Greg what they were planning on doing with his Pokemon. Enraged, Greg tells Tepig to use his flamethrower to break the net. Tepig manages to break the net and Greg catches each Pokemon one by one. Greg then uses Tepig against Team Rocket and during the battle, Tepig evolves into Pignite. Jessie from Team Rocket is impressed by this and Team Rocket uses claws to grab Pignite, but Greg manages to protect his Pokemon by helping him battle Team Rocket and Gabe uses Pik to send Team Rocket blasting off. After that, Greg promises to visit his sister again and they bid farewell.

Personality Edit

Like Char, Pignite is very loyal and caring to his trainer. As an Tepig, he was extremely playful towards his trainer and loved playing games. After he evolved into Pignite, he became calmer and less playful.