Giovanni is the main antagonist in the anime and Gabe's Pokemon Adventures. In the anime, he wants to use Pokemon to take over the world. In Gabe's Pokemon Adventures, he wants to use Pokemon in experiments and then force them to become evil after doing experiments on them. He wants all of the Pokemon in the world to become his evil slaves.

History Edit

Giovanni was born to abusive unnamed parents who would beat him and try several attempts to kill him. Due to being abused, Giovanni ran away from home and founded Team Rocket, an evil organization which used Pokemon for evil and hired teenagers to capture Pokemon for him [three of them are the well known Jessie, James, and Meowth and the two well known Butch & Cassidy]. He made his first major appearance in Giovanni, The Mysterious Gym Leader where 10-year-old Gabrielle challenged him to a battle to which Giovanni said that if she lost, she would have to hand over her Pokemon to him. But she managed to beat him in a battle. Defeated, Giovanni tricked Gabrielle into giving him her Pokemon and tried to escape with them planning on using them in experiments so they could become his evil slaves. But he was stopped by Gabrielle who rescued her Pokemon. Unseen, Giovanni told Jessie, James, and Meowth to capture every Pokemon caught by Gabrielle and bring them to him for his evil doings. Giovanni reappeared when Jessie, James, Meowth, and Dr. Zager kidnapped Crystal, Gabrielle's childhood friend to force her to become a slave to them. But he was stopped from beating Crystal by Gabrielle and Cilan who helped save Crystal. He will make an appearance in the upcoming series: Gabe's Alola Pokemon Adventures where Gabrielle & her friends start their new adventures in the Alola region.