Gabe's Pokemon Adventures: With a Little Help From Pikachu is the second episode in a series on Fanfiction created and written by DisneyFan229.

Summary Edit

Gabe and Char are continuing their Pokemon journey when Gabe spots a Pikachu. Determined to catch it, Gabe has Char battle it, but Pikachu runs away. But when Gabe's Pokemon are in danger, she gets help from an unlikely source who joins her team.

Plot Edit

10-year-old Gabrielle aka Gabe is continuing her journey with her loyal Pokemon, Charmander by her side and spots a Pikachu zapping fruit with its thunderbolt attack and Gabrielle is determined to catch it. Gabrielle sends her Charmander, Char to battle the Pikachu, but the Pikachu blows Charmander away with its thunderbolt attack and runs off. Gabrielle is disappointed that she couldn't catch it and shrugs it off and continues her journey to the first gym. Gabrielle and Char run to the Viridiran City Gym only to find out that it was closed and Gabrielle snapped her fingers, then she thought of the next gym and decided to go there. Gabrielle accidently bumps into a boy who is a Bug Catcher trainer and he demands to know why she bumped into him. Gabrielle tries to apologize, but the boy won't have any of it and challenges Gabrielle to a Pokemon battle and Gabrielle gladly accepts it. Gabrielle has Char and Ratta help fight the boy's Weedle, Caterpie, and other Weedle and the boy storms off angry that he lost. Gabrielle remarks that he was a sore loser. As Gabrielle is continuing her journey, a hooded man and women which is really Team Rocket in disguise offer to take care of Gabrielle's Pokemon and they take the Poke Balls from her and released Gabrielle's Pokemon trapping them in a cage and James grabbed Char in a net. Gabrielle demands that they give back her Pokemon and a shadow zips by jumping into the air. It was the Pikachu from before! The Pikachu unleashes a thunderbolt attack on Team Rocket and they lose their grip on the cage and net and Gabrielle frees her Pokemon. James attempts to capture Pikachu, but the Pikachu unleashes a thunderbolt attack on Team Rocket blasting them off. Gabrielle recalls her three Pokemon back into their Poke Balls and thanks Pikachu for helping and walks away. The Pikachu runs after her motioning that it wants to come with her, Gabrielle accepts and names it Pik. And with a new friend obtained, Gabrielle and Char continue their journey toward Pewter City.

Major Events Edit

Gabrielle catches a Pikachu whom she names Pik.

Gabrielle wins her first Pokemon Gym Battle

Gabrielle is going to Pewter City

The Viridiran City Gym is closed.