Gabe's Pokemon Adventures: Char's Fiery Problem is the first episode in a series of stories on Fanfiction created and written by DisneyFan229.

Summary Edit

Gabe has just turned 10 and she is going to pick out her very first Pokemon from Professor Oak's lab. She picks a male Charmander and it turns out that Charmander is having a fiery problem. Can Gabe help him figure it out?

Plot Edit

The story centers around a 10-year-old little girl named Gabrielle. Gabrielle has just arrived at Professor Oak's Lab to pick out her Starter Pokemon. Professor Oak tells her what Pokemon are available and Gabrielle chooses a Charmander as her starter Pokemon. Professor Oak mentions that Charmander is a boy. Gabrielle names the Charmander, Char and Professor Oak hands her 10 Poke Balls to start with and Gabrielle and Char set off on their journey. Char helps Gabrielle catch a female Pidgey, a male Rattata, and a female Caterpie. A group of teenage thieves and their cat-like Pokemon, Meowth watched Gabrielle and Charmander from a distance and plot on stealing Charmander to give to the boss. Gabrielle helps Charmander fix her flamethrower problem and Team Rocket traps Charmander in a net telling Gabrielle what they were going to do with him. Gabrielle orders them to let Charmander go and spots a catapult and jumps from it into the air grabbing Charmander in her arms. Team Rocket member, Jessie orders Gabrielle give Charmander back to them as he is theirs now. But Gabrielle tells no and that they were never going to lay on any of her Pokemon and has Charmander blast them off with a flamethrower. Gabrielle and Char continue their journey hoping to catch more Pokemon.

Major Events Edit

Gabrielle receives a Charmander as her starter Pokemon

Charmander is confirmed to be male.

Gabrielle meets Team Rocket for the first time.

Gabrielle catches a Pidgey, Rattata, and a Caterpie.

Pidgey is confirmed to be female.

Rattata is confirmed to be male.

Caterpie is confirmed to be female.