Faith is the daughter of Marta, the younger sister of Katie, Victoria, Carla, and Brittany and the mother of Anna and Samuel. She was formerly Kalos Queen, but lost when Aria challenged her.

History Edit

Faith was born on April 4, 1982 to Marta and an unnamed father. She was the youngest of five girls. Her four older sisters went to become Pokemon trainers while Faith dreamed of what she wanted to be. When she journeyed to the Kalos Region and saw a Pokemon showcase, she wanted to become Kalos Queen. She competed in each showcase and won three Princess Keys, she went up against Marina [Hannah's mother] to compete for the title of Kalos Queen. Marina lost due to Faith's incredible talent and bond with her Pokemon. She became Kalos Queen for a while, but then she faced another master class when Aria [the would be famous Kalos Queen] and her competed again for Kalos Queen, Faith lost due to Aria's powerful performance which impressed the crowd and left to become a mother.

Family Edit

Marta Edit

Marta is Faith's mother and the grandmother of Anna and Samuel.

Unnamed Father Edit

Not much is known about Faith's father.

Katie Edit

Katie is Faith's oldest sister, she was born in 1969 which makes her 47-years-old. Katie has two sons: Lamar and Chris.

Lamar Edit

Lamar is Katie's eldest son and Faith's nephew. He is 15-years-old.

Chris Edit

Chris is Katie's youngest son and Faith's nephew. He is 11-years-old.

Victoria Edit

Victoria is the middle sister of Faith. She was born in 1971. She is 44-years-old. She has two daughters and one son: Marla, Tom, and Edith.

Marla Edit

Marla is Victoria's first daughter and eldest child. Faith's niece. She is 14-years-old.

Tom Edit

Tom is Victoria's only son and second child. Faith's nephew. He is 12-years-old.

Edith Edit

Edith is Victoria's second daughter and youngest child. Faith's niece. She is 6-years-old.

Carla Edit

Carla is the third sister of Faith. She was born in 1976. She has one son named Terry.

Terry Edit

Terry is Carla's son and only child. Faith's nephew. He is the nerd of the family. He is 13-years-old.

Brittany: Edit

Brittany is the fourth sister of Faith. She was born in 1977. She is 38-years-old. She has two twin daughters named: Georgia and Gabby and two older sons named Austin and William.

William Edit

William is Brittany's first son and oldest child. He is 15-years-old.

Austin Edit

Austin is Brittany's second son and second child. He is 11-years-old.

Georgia Edit

Georgia is Brittany's older twin daughter and third child. She is 8-years-old.

Gabby Edit

Gabby is Brittany's younger twin daughter and youngest child. She is also 8-years-old.

Anna Edit

Anna is Faith's only daughter and oldest child. She is 10-years-old. She is a Pokemon showcase performer.

Samuel Edit

Samuel is Faith's only son and youngest child. He is 3-years-old.