Eve is the sixth Pokémon caught by Gabe. She is a female Espeon. She is the mate of Crystal's Vaporeon and the mother of two twin Eevee: Evee and Evie.

History Edit

133Eevee BW anime

As an Eevee

In The Eevee Forest, Gabe befriended Eve as an Eevee in the Eevee forest after she was revealed to be abandoned by her original trainer, Jeff. She was one of the Eevee captured by Team Rocket, but she and the rest of the Eevee were rescued by Gabe and Pik. After Gabe sent Team Rocket blasting off, Eve pushed a Poke Ball over to Gabe wanting to come with her and Gabe caught her. Gabe nicknamed her Eve after finding out that she was female. in Gabe's Brand New Pokemon, Eevee, Gabe is seen training her newest Pokemon, Eve when Jessie from Team Rocket wants to capture Eve to force her to join Team Rocket and help catch Pokemon to take to the boss and then Jessie is planning on taking Eve to the boss for some money. A net falls on Eve trapping her and she is pulled up by Meowth. Gabe demands that they let Eve go, but Jessie refuses and James puts Eve in a cage trying to escape with the frightened Pokemon, but Gabe and Pik and Char rescue Eve and Gabe catches Eve and frees her from the cage. Jessie screams that this is mutiny and demands Gabe to hand Eve over or else. But Gabe refuses and has Pik send Team Rocket blasting off. During the Johto Adventures after Gabe sent Catty, Ratta, and Pidge to Professor Oak and kept Char, Pik, and Eve, Eve evolved into Espeon in Eevee Or Espeon. After she had evolved, Team Rocket attempted to capture her for their boss, but she was protected by Gabe who sent Team Rocket blasting off. In Gabe VS Falkner, Team Rocket attempted to capture Eve for their boss, but she was protected by Gabe like usual who sent Team Rocket blasting off. In Eve's Cold, the episode after Gabe's newly caught Chikorita, Chika evolves into Bayleef, Team Rocket attempted to capture Eve, Chika, Pik, and Char while they were resting at the Pokemon Center, but the Pokemon were rescued by Gabe and Mud, Gabe's newly caught Mudkip who had evolved into Marshtomp and sent Team Rocket blasting off. In Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventures episode 1 The Lost Fennekin, Team Rocket attempted to capture Gabe, Crystal, and Cilan's Pokemon including Eve, but their plans were always foiled. In Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventures Episode 10: The Poochyena Forest, Gabe had Eve whom Team Rocket tried to capture along with Crystal's Bulbasaur to take to the boss along with the rest of the trapped Pokemon, but Katrese's Poochyena's parents protected the Pokemon and sent Team Rocket blasting off. In Vaporeon and Eve Make Love, Team Rocket attempted to capture Crystal's Vaporeon and Eve to take to the boss for some money, but they were rescued by their trainers who sent Team Rocket blasting off. Eve returned in Gabe's Alola Pokemon Adventures and Digital World Adventures to help her partner. She was revealed to be pregnant with twin Eevee in Digital World Adventures Part II, S2 E5: Guardian Angel after rescuing Kari and Gabrielle. Vaporeon reunited with Crystal to be with his mate and rejoined her team. Vaporeon tickled his mate's belly a lot to which she enjoyed. One day, Gabrielle was help stopping Ken when she knelt down and felt Eve's belly and she felt two kicks and mentioned to Eve that her babies were moving inside her. Eve stared at her mate lovingly and he put his paw on her belly feeling the babies move. Eve had a couple of ultrasounds and other check-ups. Eve enjoyed the ultrasound, she told Gabrielle that it tickled and that the cold gel on her belly felt good. At the end of The Captive Digimon, Eve gave birth to two healthy twin Eevee: a boy whom she named Evee and a girl whom she named Evie. She then licked her babies lovingly while Vaporeon kneaded her belly helping her give milk to her babies. Evee and Evie soon grew into bigger Eevee and they were given to Raymond as his first two partners as recommended by their parents.

Personality Edit

Eve is a caring and friendly Espeon. As an Eevee, she was always playful towards Gabe. Later in the Kalos Adventures series, she developed a crush on Crystal's Vaporeon who had a crush on her and accepted his love even letting him hump her. It is unknown if Eve and Crystal's Vaporeon will have any baby Eevee or not, probably in the next episode, that answer will be revealed.