Eden is the son of Lana and the older brother of Erika. Like his sister, he started his Pokémon journey at age 10. He has caught at least 7 Pokémon. Eden owns a Red PokeDex. In the crossover series with Digimon, Eden owns a Red/Black D-7 Digivice and is partnered with Tentomon. He is friends with Ritchie, Macy, Jeanette, and Casey.

History Edit

Eden was born April 4, 2001 to Lana and an unnamed father. Eden loved Pokémon ever since he was a child. When Erika was born, he taught her all about Pokémon and they grew to love Pokémon together. Eden went to Pokémon Academy while Erika stayed with Lana. After graduating, Eden, now 10-years-old set off on his journey. Unlike most Pokémon trainers from Kanto, since Professor Oak ran out of starter Pokémon, Eden was sent to Professor Elm in Johto to pick a starter Pokémon.

Pokémon Edit

On Hand Edit

This is a list of the Pokémon that are traveling with Eden.


Bayleef is Eden's starter Pokémon that he received as an Chikorita from Professor Elm.


Umbreon is the second Pokémon caught by Eden. He evolved from an Eevee


Furret is the third Pokémon caught by Eden.


Azumarill is the fourth Pokémon caught by Eden. He evolved from an Marill.


Raticate is the fifth Pokémon caught by Eden. He evolved from an Rattata during Eden's absence.


Vulpix is the sixth Pokémon caught by Eden.

At Professor's Elm Lab: Edit

Hoothoot♀ Edit

Hoothoot is the seventh Pokémon caught by Eden.