Daniel is the first Pokemon caught by Ray.

History Edit

Ray originally abused Daniel, but after seeing how cruel he was being to his Pokemon, he redeemed himself and treated his Pokemon better. When Gabrielle and Ray came outside, a net fell on Pik and Daniel and pulled them up revealing to be Team Rocket who told Ray and Gabe that taking these Pokemon to the boss would make them rich. Ray sent out his Pokemon, Tree, and Gabe sent out Mud who helped them get their Pokemon back and Pik sent Team Rocket blasting off with a thunderbolt. Daniel then nuzzled himself against Ray who hugged Daniel lovingly and thanked Gabe for saving him. Daniel is set to become a major Pokemon character in Gabe's Alola Pokemon Adventures.

Personality Edit

Due to being abused, Daniel was originally mean, but after Ray redeemed himself, Daniel also became kinder. Daniel has a crush on Gabe's Delcatty, Skit and tries to show his affection to her.