Crystal's Ninetales is a Pokemon obtained by Crystal. She caught him as an Vulpix.

History Edit


As an Vulpix

She found Ninetales as an Vulpix in a forest and caught him. Crystal told Gabe how she adored her Vulpix. She and Gabe tested out Vulpix and Gabe's Marshtomp, Mud in a Pokemon battle and Vulpix easily beat Mud. Gabe commented on how well Crystal trained her Vulpix. Taking this chance, Team Rocket threw a net over the girls' Pokemon and tried to steal them, but like always their plans were foiled. In one episode, Crystal was training her Vulpix when he was trapped in a container and was pulled up. Crystal and Gabe wondered what was going on and Team Rocket's Butch & Cassidy revealed themselves telling Crystal what they were planning to do with her Vulpix. Enraged, Crystal sent out her Vaporeon who easily helped her get Vulpix back and they sent Team Rocket blasting off. Gabe commented that Butch & Cassidy were worse than the other Team Rocket: Jessie & James and Crystal stated that she liked Jessie & James better. During a training battle, Vulpix evolved into Ninetales due to a effect from a Fire Stone at the same time Erika's Squirtle evolved into Wartortle.

Personality Edit

Ninetales has a huge crush on Roxie, Gabe's Ninetales and wants to mate with her.