Cilan is a 13-year-old Pokemon trainer and the gym leader of Striaton City who is traveling with Gabrielle, Crystal, Erika, Katrese, and eventually Ray. He is the love interest of Crystal. He also has a crush on Crystal. Cilan owns a Yellow-Green PokeDex. In the crossover with Digimon, Cilan owns a Yellow-Green/Blue D-7 Digivice and is partnered with Gazimon.

History Edit

Cilan is the youngest of the triplet brothers: Cress, Chili, and Cilan who were born on May 2, 2002 to unnamed parents. They were raised by their mother while their father was busy being a gym leader. Their father taught them how to be gym leaders, but Cilan didn't want to be a gym leader unlike his older brothers. When he met Gabrielle and Crystal, he revealed that he had feelings for Crystal to his parents and wanted to travel with them if they won a gym battle. The girls did and Cilan's parents granted their son permission to travel with Gabrielle and Crystal. In Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventures, he revealed his feelings to Crystal who also said she had feelings for him. Cilan and Crystal are currently dating.

Pokemon Edit

On Hand Edit

Pansage♂ Edit

Pansage is Cilan's first Pokemon given to him from his father.

Chespin♂ Edit

Chespin is Cilan's starter Pokemon given to him from Professor Sycamore.

Pidgey♂ Edit

Pidgey is the third Pokemon caught by Cilan.

Purrloin♂ Edit

Purrloin is the fourth Pokemon caught by Cilan. He has a crush on Crystal's Glameow.

At the gym Edit

Dwebble-Crustle♂ Edit

Crustle is the first Pokemon caught by Cilan.

Stunfisk♂ Edit

Stunfisk is the second Pokemon caught by Cilan.