Celia's Cyndaquil is Celia's starter Pokemon.

History Edit

Celia received Cyndaquil from Professor Elm when she turned 10. Cyndaquil made her debut when Celia was calling Professor Elm about her Cyndaquil being sick. Professor Elm sent Gabe promising her a gift if she helped Celia. Gabe helped Celia cure her Cyndaquil. But Cyndaquil was briefly stolen by Team Rocket who had followed Gabe to the Johto region to steal more Pokemon for their boss. Jessie told Celia that her Cyndaquil would be a gift for the boss. But Gabe told them they weren't going to get away with this and sent Pik out to battle them. Pik managed to break the cage that Cyndaquil was stuck in and Celia caught Cyndaquil. Gabe and Celia then had Cyndaquil and Pik blast Team Rocket off. Celia then told Gabe that Cyndaquil was indeed a girl.Celia and Cyndaquil then bid Gabe goodbye and set off on their journey. They were never seen or mentioned again after that.