Bugsy is 11-year-old boy and the gym leader of Azalea Town. His specialty is Bug-type Pokemon. He is the son of unnamed parents. He has an older brother named Toby.

History Edit

Bugsy made his debut in The Buggy Gym Leader where he and his Pokemon were first mentioned to kidnapped by Team Rocket to Gabe by his parents. Gabe rescued him and he awarded Gabe with a gym battle. Gabe won and Bugsy gave her her gym badge. He then decided to set off on his journey telling Gabe first he had to let his parents know.

Pokemon Edit

On Hand Edit

Spinarak♂ Edit

Spinarak is Bugsy's first known Pokemon.

Caterpie♂ Edit

Caterpie is Bugsy's second known Pokemon.

Weedle♂ Edit

Weedle is Bugsy's third known Pokemon.

Butterfree♂ Edit

Butterfree is Bugsy's fourth known Pokemon.

Beedrill♂ Edit

Beedrill is Bugsy's fifth known Pokemon.

Metapod♂ Edit

Metapod is Bugsy's sixth known Pokemon.