Bridget Final Design2

Bridget Elm as an 8-10-year-old child

Bridget Elm is Professor Elm's 10-year-old daughter and only child. Her mother, Virginia died when Bridget was 6. She helps her father take care of his research and the Pokemon. She was given a Totodile and Rattata by her father. She goes to Pokemon Academy, a school for gifted children. In Totodile To The Rescue, Team Rocket attempted to steal Bridget and Gabe's Pokemon and Gabe demanded that they give the Pokemon back. Team Rocket threatened to hurt Bridget if Gabe didn't shut up and when Gabe kept yelling at them that they leave Bridget alone, Jessie sent out her Arbok and ordered it to use poison sting on Bridget and Arbok launched its attack towards Bridget who was very terrified. Professor Elm was very angry that Team Rocket would dare hurt his daughter and told them that nobody messed with his daughter and held Bridget close to him. Totodile angry to see her trainer almost get hurt broke the net that the Pokemon were in and Professor Elm had his daughter's Totodile blast off Team Rocket. Bridget may reunite with Gabe and become a new traveling companion to later join Gabe in Gabe's Alola Pokemon Adventures as the final companion to join Gabe's gang. Bridget owns a Rose PokeDex. In the crossover series with Digimon, Bridget owns a Rose/White D-7 Digivice and is partnered with Floramon.

Pokemon Edit

Totodile♀ Edit

Totodile was given to Bridget from Professor Elm.

Rattata♀ Edit

Rattata was given to Bridget from Professor Elm.