Anna's Piplup is Anna's starter Pokemon.

History Edit

Anna and Piplup

Anna and Piplup

Anna received Piplup from Professor Rowan. She first appeared with her trainer during a showcase where Anna befriended Erika who was performing with her Raichu. Team Rocket's Jessie trapped Piplup and Erika's Raichu in a net and was planning on using them in her performance. But Erika and Anna rescued their Pokemon and sent Jessie blasting off with James & Meowth. Anna is set to appear in the last episode of Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventures season 2 and her Piplup will evolve in that episode.

Personality Edit

Piplup is loyal to her trainer and cares for her deeply. She wants to impress her. She loves dressing up during showcases.

Trivia Edit

  • Anna's Piplup was confirmed to be female in Piplup's Crush because she had a crush on Pik, Gabe's Pikachu.