Anna and Piplup


Anna is a minor character who appears in Gabe's Kalos Pokemon Adventures. She is a 10-year-old Pokemon showcase performer. Her mother, Faith was once Kalos Queen when she was 9. She has a little brother named Samuel. Anna owns a Light Blue PokeDex. In the crossover with Digimon, she and Samuel were chosen to become Digidestined. Anna owns a Blue/Purple D-7 Digivice and is partnered with Gabumon

Pokemon Edit

On Hand Edit

Piplup♀ Edit

Piplup is Anna's starter Pokemon. She is to evolve in the last episode of season 2. She loves to dress up.


Slurpuff is the first Pokemon caught by Anna.


Gothita is the second Pokemon caught by Anna.

Ralts-Kirlia♀ Edit

Kirlia is the third Pokemon caught by Anna.

Flabebe♀ Edit

Flabebe is the fourth Pokemon caught by Anna.

Nidoran♀ Edit

Nidoran is the fifth Pokemon caught by Anna.

Espurr-Meowstic♀ Edit

Meowstic is the sixth Pokemon obtained by Anna. Meowstic as an Espurr was given to her.